Utilities Helping Utilities

Florida Water/Wastewater
Agency Response Network (FlaWARN)

A formalized mutual aid response network/consortium of utilities willing to provide critical resources to member utilities during man-made or natural distasters.

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Prepare for Emergency with a Mutual Aid Agreement

Unfortunately, being a FlaWARN member is not enough to render or receive aid. The critical component that needs to be in place to render or receive aid is the Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA). The MAA provides member utilities with an advanced good-faith indication, from authorized signer, that the participating utilities understand and agree to the concepts and provisions (including reimbursement) for mutual aid. These agreements ensure that when assistance is needed help can be rendered and received as quickly as possible.

Reduce response time

Restore services to customers with minimal disruptions

Increase participation

Safe guard public health and safety

Reduce frustration

Maximize the value of assistance being provided

“Staff and myself are greatly appreciative of the speed and thoroughness of your team’s efforts. Our City thanks you all!!!” Richard Moulton, City of Fort Myers

Print a copy of the Mutual Aid Agreement, sign it and upload it on the WATER Tracker website.

Mutual Aid Agreement

The Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) has been carefully crafted to promote “utilities helping utilities” and facilitates the rapid emergency response between FlaWARN member utilities.

Steering Committee

A steering committee provides leadership for FlaWARN. Click here to learn more!

Regional Meetings

In-person, virtual and webinar formats – click here to view our upcoming regional meetings.