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Mutual Aid

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Helpful Links

  • WATER Tracker (*Login Required)
  • FEMA - Schedule of Equipment Rates
  • NOAA - Tropical Prediction Center
  • FDEP - Hurricane Information from the Department of Environmental Protection
  • Boat U.S. - Latest graphic storm tracking including wind bands and strike probabilities
  • SERT - Florida’s Division of Emergency Management State Emergency Response Team
  • UF/TREEO - Florida’s center for Training Research and Education for Environmental Occupations; Hosts of FlaWARN

FEMA Reimbursement Forms

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA has released "Flood Resilience: A Basic Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities." Drinking water and wastewater utilities are particularly vulnerable to flooding, which can damage pumps, disconnect chemical tanks, break distribution lines, and disrupt power supply. Targeted to small and medium utilities, the Guide outlines a simple, four-step assessment process to help any water utility know their flooding threat and identify practical mitigation options to protect critical assets. With a user-friendly layout, the Guide provides worksheets, instructional videos, and flood maps to help utilities through the process.


General Information

For Flawarn Members

For Member Utilities

Now, more than ever, FlaWARN is your opportunity to make a difference in water sector security and preparedness. During "non-event" times it is critical we maintain our readiness and promote the preparedness process, especially between hurricane seasons. So FlaWARN is always exploring and implementing enhancements to our organization, mutual aid modalities and

If you need a refresher on FlaWARN see our tutorial, How to use FlaWARN.

Remember FlaWARN is not just for hurricanes, FlaWARN's resources may be asked for during any disaster. So it is imperative that your agency’s FlaWARN contact information is current. Updating is quick and easy, for instructions click here or contact FlaWARN Administration. Don't wait until you are in the middle of a storm and we can't reach you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have aggressive spam protections please insure FlaWARN is on your list of allowed senders.

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation and support in this important effort.

BMP's - feel free to download this PDF version